Freelance Livestream Production and Esports Observing

I am actively seeking new work. Please get in touch if you'd like to talk.

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🤖📱 Discord/xilv#1337


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Dorian Gorr MD of Veritas Entertainment

"xilv is an extraordinary observer who helped us deliver the greatest CSGO and Valorant entertainment to fans all across the globe. His superb knowledge about the games and the passion that he shows during production is unmatched. We love working with him!"

Mark 'GrandyB' Bishop Esports Scotland

Pleasure to work with, solid performance and prep, always looking to improve both personally and the production itself and integrates with the rest of the broadcast talent very well. Couldn't recommend more!

LVL Global Twitter Big memers

xilv is PogChamp and not Sadge 10/10 observer 100/10 guy 0/10 Valorant mechanics would recommend

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